Summer at Thousand Islands Winery

Summer is has arrived at Thousand Islands Winery and everyone is busy with tastings, festivals, markets, bus tours, weddings, bridal & wedding showers, anniversary parties and other on-site events. Traditionally, Summer is the busiest time of year for the Winery and, the 2015 tourist season has not disappointed.

Its been a record year so far and the Winery staff has had a great time welcoming back old friends and introducing new customers to our selection of 23 wines and New York’s favorite Summer treat, TIW wine slushies.
Weather conditions are crucial to a successful season at Thousand Islands Winery and, Northern New York’s weather is challenging us once again this year.  Mother nature threw local viticulture a punch with several late frosts at the end of May. Due to our location near the St. Lawrence River and early morning efforts by the Winery crew, the TIW vineyards were able to escape relatively unscathed. Then, just as Summer arrived, so did the rains. A total of 5.71 inches of rain fell, making this June the fourth wettest since 1949. However, thanks to plentiful sunshine between the rainstorms, Thousand Islands Winery’s 2015 harvest will be bountiful. The grapes are currently pea size and continue to develop.
Thousand Islands Winery’s Summer event schedule featured some new options. At Lobster Bake 2015, guests enjoyed an all-you-can-eat BBQ, steamed clams, and lobster while listening to live music by The Bad Husbands Club. The Tasting Room also featured several Sip & Paint classes and 2 comedy shows in the Winery Loft .

Steve Conaway
Steve Conaway