Trailer Choir

Trailer Choir is back in town!
You could hear their good-time beats coming from a mile away. You can feel their positive vibes airing in on the summer breeze. At their shows you can't help but join the party, singing along to their familiar hits and hook-laced new material.

America first got to know Butter and Vinny seven years ago, when Trailer Choir's debut single "Off the Hillbilly Hook" was featured in the Toby Keith film Beer for My Horses. "What Would You Say," "Rockin' the Beer Gut" and "Rollin' Through the Sunshine" followed, each one confirming the group's carefree spirit and infectious appeal.

They also reassessed their approach to performing. "The time off developed me in a way that made me a lot better musically," Vinny insists. "I'd always felt like I was the sideshow, the funny fat guy that was dancing. It was Butter the encouraged me to go beyond that. So I took voice lessons. I started playing guitar more. I'm learning harmonica. Even though I'm still an entertainer, I grew a lot as a musician."
Equally important, they signed up with a new and totally compatible label.

Everything they've cut for their Average Joes Entertainment debut has passed their road test. The sing-along hook that drives "Ice Cold Summer," the galloping groove and promise that everything in life goes "Better with a Beer," the foot-stomping paean to "older women with a sweet attitude" on "I Likes the Cougs," the quick-step call to "Put It On My Tab" … each track they've stashed in the can for the new project dares you not to join the best party these guys have ever thrown down in song.
Now as part of the Average Joes family, Trailer Choir stands back on that cusp, this time knowing that bigger things definitely lay within reach. "We needed some time to reflect. We've grown up a lot. Once we come back out, we just want to explode.

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