October 27, 2016

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Now shipping to Pennsylvania!


In a continued effort to service our customers nation-wide, Thousand Islands Winery® has now obtained a Direct-to-Consumer Shipping license for Pennsylvania.

In June of this year, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 1690 into law allowing consumers to have up to 36 cases of wine per year, per winery delivered to their homes from out-of-state wineries. The legislation went into effect August 8, 2016.

For more than 80 years, Pennsylvania wine and spirits sales have been controlled by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, with consumer choice limited to the brands carried by the state. Governor Wolf said in statement before signing the bill. "As I have always said, my goal is to modernize the sale of liquor and beer in Pennsylvania to ensure convenience and satisfaction for customers."

Thanks to this recent change, Thousand Islands Winery®  fans can now purchase and enjoy their favorite wine in the comfort of their own home!


For more information on Direct-to-Consumer Shipping laws by state visit

October 03, 2016

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Fall Harvest 2016

As Summer draws to an end, Fall harvest and production are in full swing. The addition of the Gregoir Harvester, a.k.a. "the Grape-O-Nator", in 2015 cut harvest time in half and allows the Winery production team more time to create the wine selections you have come to know and love. The production process includes harvesting, crushing and pressing, maceration, fermentation, clarification, aging and bottling.









The 2016 Summer weather conditions were hot and dry! Drought conditions pushed many vineyards to their breaking point. Thousand Islands Winery®, with the knowledge and skills set of its amazing production team, was able to not only survive the drought but, produce a healthy and bountiful harvest this year. With the recent growth is sales, the Winery can waste not one moment to meet the growing needs of its ever expanding customer base.  





June 06, 2016

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2016 Clayton Country Jam

In case you missed the concert, watch the livestream.


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March 09, 2016

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Just Released! New York Wine Slushy

Celebrate summer year-round with this frosty wine drink bursting with berry and grape flavors.
Originally created for commercial slushy machines,
New York Wine Slushy® can now be enjoyed at home.
Premixed and ready-to-use!
Choose from
Berry's Bay Blaster® & Tropical Island Twist®
December 01, 2015

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New Year's Eve Resolution

Thousand Islands Winery® produces
twenty-three sensational wines, sweet to dry, that are sure
to please any palate.

July 22, 2015

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Summer at Thousand Islands Winery

Summer is has arrived at Thousand Islands Winery and everyone is busy with tastings, festivals, markets, bus tours, weddings, bridal & wedding showers, anniversary parties and other on-site events. Traditionally, Summer is the busiest time of year for the Winery and, the 2015 tourist season has not disappointed.

Its been a record year so far and the Winery staff has had a great time welcoming back old friends and introducing new customers to our selection of 23 wines and New York’s favorite Summer treat, TIW wine slushies.
Weather conditions are crucial to a successful season at Thousand Islands Winery and, Northern New York’s weather is challenging us once again this year.  Mother nature threw local viticulture a punch with several late frosts at the end of May. Due to our location near the St. Lawrence River and early morning efforts by the Winery crew, the TIW vineyards were able to escape relatively unscathed. Then, just as Summer arrived, so did the rains. A total of 5.71 inches of rain fell, making this June the fourth wettest since 1949. However, thanks to plentiful sunshine between the rainstorms, Thousand Islands Winery’s 2015 harvest will be bountiful. The grapes are currently pea size and continue to develop.
Thousand Islands Winery’s Summer event schedule featured some new options. At Lobster Bake 2015, guests enjoyed an all-you-can-eat BBQ, steamed clams, and lobster while listening to live music by The Bad Husbands Club. The Tasting Room also featured several Sip & Paint classes and 2 comedy shows in the Winery Loft .

April 21, 2015

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Welcome to Our New Website

It is my pleasure to announce the launch of Thousand Islands Winery’s new website. The new website will provide customers with a more user friendly online shopping experience while streamlining the ordering process. It will allow mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to navigate easily throughout the website. This huge upgrade shall provide Thousand Islands Winery's online customers with a satisfying shopping experience and will result in faster processing of orders.

Every year, Thousand Islands Winery improves its facilities located at its winery in Alexandria Bay.  In 2015,  Thousand Islands Winery will host over 20 weddings plus wedding showers, bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and other private events.  Additionally, the Winery has added another fully furnished cottage for daily or weekly rentals for a total of 3 on-site cottages.  These cottages are popular as part of the wedding packages as we happily provide special discounts to all wedding guests.

In 2014, the winery purchased a state of the art mechanical grape harvester. In 2015, Thousand Islands Winery will offer custom grape harvesting which includes the use of the harvester and the man power for operation of the equipment. 

It enables the operator to mechanically harvest approximately 2 to 3 acres of grapes per hour.  This mechanical grape harvester is gentle on the fruit and the vines, while providing unmatched quickness in harvesting clean fruit.

Moscato wine is a very popular variety in the United States and is gaining more and more fans each year.  In an effort to satisfy our customers' desires, Thousand Islands Winery has elected to produce Muscato in 2015!  This is going to be an exciting new release for us.  The Winery has produced approximately 500 gallons, so it will initially only be available at the winery’s Tasting Room.  As production increases over the next few years, it will be available at Farmer’s Markets and at Wine Stores.

It appears that Mother Nature was kinder in 2014 than in 2013.  This past winter was colder, but with ample snow cover, the vines had a much better survival rate.  We expect only minimal winter damage from this past winter and expect a beautiful crop in the fall!      



Steve Conaway, President

Thousand Islands Winery